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Valuation of an office building

Valuing an office building or an office condominium can be difficult for many people.

In fact, we need to take several factors into account to determine the attractiveness of a building to an investor or owner-operator. Sometimes one person’s vision is different from the other. However, the valuation of this type of real estate asset must be based on very specific criteria dictated by the market.

Our experts know how to make the difference in the appeal of an office building. We produce a market value study based on current market data and available economic data. With a large number of files under our belt, we keep our database up to date to provide ratios and bases for comparison adapted to different office markets.

We’re talking about different office markets, since there are different categories of office assets available. There are budget, standard and high-end offices. Of course, depending on the region studied, building categories must be analyzed in order to fully appreciate the scope of our expertise.

All office real estate assets will be visited and analyzed by a member of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec.

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