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Income property

The income property par excellence

For many people, an income property is a way to put money aside for retirement. For others, it’s an investment to create an empire. Whatever your goal, we can help.

The valuation methods used by the experts are the cost method, the income method and the comparison method. In this type of property, the income method and the comparison method are the most regularly used and highly reliable methods.

Have your rental property appraised

There are many reasons why you might want to hire an appraiser for your income property. That’s why we always recommend talking to your expert, so that he can ask you questions about the purpose of such expertise.

Here are a few examples: 

As you can see, the reasons given above are many and incomplete. We can guide you through the vast world of appraisal. It’s important to feel comfortable talking to your expert, as he or she is bound by professional secrecy.

Another of our divisions can also offer you property management services.

Frequently asked questions


We always recommend a visit to more than 50% of the entire building and housing types as a minimum. It's important to vary the accommodation on each floor and to visit all the common areas of the building. However, some financial institutions may require a complete building visit.

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