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An appraisal of a vacant lot may be required for a number of purposes: 

The value of the site depends on what is achievable on the building, taking into account its surroundings and the standards prescribed by municipal and ministerial regulations.

Our research work involves investigating short-, medium- and long-term trends and opportunities in the sector. The current zoning by-law, with its siting standards and minimum lot dimensions, is a factor that can have a positive or negative impact on the value of your lot. Neighborhood influence is another aspect not to be overlooked.

Take, for example, the south-western sector of Montreal that has now become Griffintown, or the moratoria on urban development in certain municipalities. This can increase the time between acquiring your land and developing it. This will have an impact on the possibility of reselling the land at a profit in the short term. Our team will analyze the value of the land, taking into account the best and most profitable use. Thanks to this study, our qualified staff can determine the fair value most representative of the current market, based on the local and regional economic conditions prevailing at the time of market appraisal.

The years of experience we’ve acquired over the years enable our team to quickly identify the factors that can directly influence the value of a building, since each location has its own particularities and characteristics. Market value is then estimated via a detailed analysis based on the most comparable market transactions at the valuation date.

Case study

HOT-TUBBING is a first in Quebec

Our Chairman had the opportunity to take part in a new form of court hearing. The professional plays a more important role in defending your real estate interests.

Sébastien Jean

President, É.A., Adm. A.

Frequently asked questions


At first glance, land valuation seems easy. However, the process is very time-consuming, as we have to make sure we understand all the physical and regulatory characteristics of the terrain. Each element can have a significant impact on the value of the land. For example, you wouldn't pay much for land that is protected because of an environmental constraint versus land that is not. So would you pay as much for a plot of land that allows four storeys to be built as for one that allows 14? Certainly not. We need to make sure we've identified all the possibilities of your land in order to evaluate it.
Yes. In the Municipal Taxation Act, there is a provision that allows municipalities to impose either a park fee payable in money or in land area. This obligation to pay can be imposed on any cadastral operation carried out by an owner. What's more, the value to be established is equivalent to an owner's value, i.e. the highest value that includes all owner benefits. This value is often used in expropriations. Contact us, we can help.

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