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Avoid paying for insurance for nothing! In fact, it can happen that you’re over-insured and overpaying premiums for nothing. Your insurer will not reimburse you or pay out more than you were actually entitled to.

Here’s an example of overinsurance: 

A co-owner who insures his unit’s fixtures and fittings and is unaware that the syndicate’s insurance already covers a portion of his unit’s standard fixtures and fittings. The condominium owner should insure only the extras in his unit, thus reducing his insurance premium.

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Frequently asked questions


The principle is relatively simple. This means taking out insurance that does not cover a minimum percentage of the building. Often, the percentage in insurance policies is 80%, but this can vary. This will have the effect of making the insured co-insurer with its own insurance policy. We invite you to read more on this subject on the Chambre de l'assurance de dommages website.
First of all, there's no one answer that works for all cases. If you haven't made any renovations or changes to your property, we recommend not exceeding 5 years between appraisals. Rising living and construction costs could put you at risk of exceeding this deadline. We also recommend redoing the survey after any renovations or additions to your building. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about the relevance and usefulness of our services.

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